Sidney's Parks, Recreation Offer Something For Everyone

Sidney's Parks and Recreation Offer Something for Everyone

Life under the Big Sky definitely lends itself to outdoor recreation, and the Sidney community provides a variety of outdoor recreation during the warmer months.

The City of Sidney has spent considerable time and energy upgrading Water Tower Park, Quilling's Park, Lalonde Park, Johnson Park, Kling Park, Lyndale Park and the South Meadow Softball Complex in recent years.

Water Tower Park received new fencing with funds that Sidney Park Superintendent Stephanie Ridl received from a Richland County recreation grant. Additionally, Sidney Public Works provided new dugouts and the girls slow pitch softball league donated new bases.

Quilling's Park has been equipped with new ADA compliant playground equipment with funds Ridl received from the Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant, which includes an agility-based gym for ages 2-12, new swings, two spring-ride surfers, and the popular climbing wall called the Matterhorn. ADA compliant ground cover was also put in which makes the playground more accessible to wheelchairs and strollers and benches that give parents and caregivers a place to sit near the playground. While there were a lot of changes to the local park, some equipment remains the same such as the stagecoach and small play gym.

Lalonde Park received new swings, a Tenspin, and play gym, donated by the Kringen family in memory of Randy Kringen. Sidney Public Works Department installed the equipment and funded the ADA compliant ground cover, border system and wheelchair ramp. As a result of this partnership, Lalonde Park was the first of Sidney's parks to be 100 percent ADA compliant. In 2017, Girl Scout Troop #2338 and #2358 installed reclaimed bench seating to the playground as part of their Bronze Award project.

Continued efforts to improve the amenities in Veterans Memorial Park funded through Ridl's Take Part in Our Park project have raised enough money to cover the cost of an ADA compliant ramp up to the Anderson Pavilion amphitheater, as well as the installation of a concrete pad for the donated benches and new garbage can surrounds. Any additional donations will help facilitate the completion of the seating area as well as the addition of new sidewalks and concrete paths. Thanks to an Eagle Scout project, the archway along Central Avenue was also constructed and the city plans to complete the archway this year.

Renovations at the South Meadow softball complex were completed just in time for Sidney to host the 2017 State Softball Tournament. Some of the projects included reconfiguring the layout of field #1 and #2, building new dugouts, installing new fencing as well as a flagpole.

In the fall of 2018, Kling Park's playground equipment was removed and the installation of the new toddler park structures as well as a regulation size basketball court commenced. These upgrades were completed in April 2019. Ridl received funding from the Montana Accessible Playground Grant, a donation from the Sunrise Child Care Association along with funds from the city to complete this much needed renovation. The new playground equipment focuses on children ages 2-5 and consists of a play gym, new swings including the Generation Swing, and free play climbing boulders (appropriate for 2–5-year-olds). The playground area hosts a new border system, ADA compliant ground cover and a wheelchair ramp.

Johnson Park received much needed upgrades to the children's playground in 2022 and 2023. The installation of new swings, cube structure, ADA compliant ground cover and border system, and a new slide donated by Kraken Oil, have been well received. Also in Johnson Park, the introduction of the Elevate Adult Fitness Course in 2020 has provided a fun new twist to playground equipment. Currently, 8 of the 12-piece course is installed. Funds for the equipment have been generated from City funds as well as grants Ridl received from Lower Yellowstone Rural Electric Trust, Foundation for Community Care and Oneok. As additional funds are raised, the remaining pieces of equipment will be installed.

In the fall of 2023, city employees were busy installing a playground structure donated by the Adult Softball League, at the South Meadow Softball Complex. ADA compliant ground cover and border system was also installed and a fence surrounding the playground will be installed in spring of 2024.

The renovation of Lyndale playground was underway late in 2023, to replace the swings and old metal play structure, as well as introduce ADA compliant ground cover and border system. These upgrades will be completed in the spring of 2024 and will include new swings and a slide.

The final phase of the Sherry Arnold Fitness Trail has been completed. This trail lies over an irrigation lateral that runs through town connecting West Side Elementary School and Sidney High School (a distance of 2.1 miles/3.38 kilometers), along with several Sidney attractions such as the downtown business district, the recently renovated tennis court facility, Hunter Dehner Memorial Skate Park, Svarre Municipal Pool, Moose Park baseball field, Veterans Memorial Park, Sidney's Arboretum, and Johnson Park. Additionally, in 2013, Richland County continued this vital trail onto county property that extends access to the Richland County Fairgrounds and Sidney Country Club (a distance of 0.57 miles/0.92 kilometers).

Sidney's Park system has much to offer, with more than 50 acres of park area that include baseball facilities at Lyndale and Moose parks, softball at Water Tower and South Meadow Softball Complex, as well as other sports-related amenities such as volleyball and basketball courts, recently renovated horseshoe pits, a four-court tennis complex, skateboard park, soccer and outdoor ice skating when weather is permitting. Tennis courts are located on 2nd Ave. SE across the street from Hunter Dehner Memorial Skate Park and next to the Arboretum.

Svarre Municipal Pool is another fixture of the community offering swimming lessons, open swim, adult swim, canoeing, lifeguard training, snorkeling, aqua aerobics when available, a splash deck, and waterslides. The pool is also equipped with an ADA compliant lift and approved steps. The pool is located on the corner of 7th Ave. SW and 6th St. SW, Sidney.


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