McKenzie Co. Public Library Board Discusses New Bookmobile, March 15


The McKenzie County Public Library Board convened on Wednesday, March 15th to vote from which company the library would purchase a new bookmobile. Among those present were Kathleen Trana, head librarian, Rebecca Cook, the librarian who will drive the new bookmobile, Judy Olmid, President of the library board and John Manning, technical advisor.

Prepared with a list of companies, recommendations and specifications for each vehicle, a long and involved discussion followed. There are many considerations that must be had in deciding on a bookmobile including patron space, ground clearance, access for patrons with handicaps, graphics for which to display the library logo, librarian desk placement, and contingencies for roadside emergencies.

Bookmobiles are especially important for rural communities, allowing access for patrons who live in isolated areas and may not find it easy to get to town during library hours.

The board took every detail into important consideration and decided on OBS Inc. of Canton, Ohio, the same company from which they purchased their last bookmobile which has served the library well since 1999.


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