Richland Rascals Yard/Garden of the Week Award Recipients


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Bill and Patti Iversen

The Richland Rascals completed one of their community service projects, Yard/Garden of the week. The goal was to choose one winner each week during the months of June and July to a family that they saw put a lot of time and effort into growing lush gardens and/or flower beds. Congratulations to the eight winners: Mark and Kathy Iversen, Randy and Kelly Johnson, Mark and Marilyn Olson, Brian and Trina Holst, Sherman and Marlys Dynneson, Scott Albin and Amy Conlin, Emma, Mollie, and Clara; Bill and Patti Iversen and Gail and Rhonda Peterson.

Each home had its own unique qualities. Mark and Kathy have been planting and gardening for 50 plus years in the same location. Making small changes here and there with lots of perennials. Kelly gave much of the credit of their beautiful yard to her husband Randy. What you don't see from the road is a very secluded backyard retreat. Mark and Marilyn have a wonderful view of the city framed by evergreens and trees that they planted some 25+ years ago. Once again their oasis lies in the backyard with beautiful flowers and lawn. If you ever have a chance to visit Brian and Trina Holst's yard in the warm months of the year do not hesitate to go. This is a sanctuary to all garden/flower lovers. Her love of flowers is beyond your imagination.

The second month led to some gardens with lush produce. Marlys loves her yard and her flowers are amazing. She even keeps some through the winter. Her garden is flourishing and she knows just what to plant and has many favorites. Amy Conlin has done some amazing reconstruction in her landscaped yard including a garden that is out of this world. Protected by a row of evergreens her tomatoes and pumpkin vines are huge! Bill and Patti Iversen have not 1 but several gardens. This was the most diversified yard that we encountered and an education lesson was given on short notice. Lastly we visited the Petersons. Many years of tradition in planting, harvesting, salsa, and stewed tomatoes happen here. A beautiful hedge of flowers lines the garden and backyard amongst rich green grass.

Each recipient received a $25 gift card and a small garden item donated by TSC. Thank you TSC! Take time to check out the Richland Rascal community service display at the 4H Exhibit booth during the Richland County Fair and Rodeo!

Mark and Marilyn Olson


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