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Christmas Tree Magic


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Outside, there was snow on the ground and a chill was in the air. This was the special day I had been waiting for all year. This was the day we would go looking for the perfect Christmas tree. We dress warm for the cold and head on out to the pickup to take the trip down the long winding narrow road in the badlands to find the magical tree that would help fill our living room with the spirit of this special time of year.

The hunt for the perfect Christmas tree during my childhood was one I will always remember as being a special, magical time of the year for me. My Dad would drive down a long, winding road through the badlands as we would hunt for the perfect tree. Even though the weather was cold, the excitement of searching for the one special tree would make me forget the cold. To make it even better, you would always keep a lookout for the very special tree with the berries on its branches. Finding the berries would make the season more magical than ever. After looking at so many trees and finally picking the perfect one for us, my dad would cut it down and we would make the trip back to the house to place this special magical tree in its rightful place in front of the living room window. The delightful scent from the tree would fill the room and make it the beginning of a wonderful time for me.

Next would come the decorating of this most magnificent tree. Out would come the Christmas decorations, starting with the strings of lights. The lights had to be placed just right on the tree to make sure our two bubble lights were in front so at night I could watch them bubble with wide eyed wonder. Next would come the beautiful decorations that had been saved from season to season over the years. I would take my time placing each ornament with careful thought of where it would look best on the tree. I would also string popcorn for that touch of white against the green of this spectacular tree. And last, but far from being least, the tinsel, and the placing of the tinsel would have to be just right so the lights of the tree would make the tinsel sparkle at night when only the Christmas lights would be glowing.

I remember many nights sitting by the tree watching the reflection of the beautiful lights on the tinsel and ornaments and being fascinated with the bubble lights and thinking that this was the most wonderful, magical, mystical time of the year.

Then presents wrapped with special Christmas paper, ribbons and bows would be placed under the tree throughout the season waiting for that special morning when everyone would gather around the tree and open their gifts. And of course, on the occasion when no one was watching, the shaking of the gifts wondering what wonderful treasures they might hold inside.

Finally, after Christmas was over, the sad day came to take down the tree. The decorations were put away once more in their boxes and each piece of tinsel was saved and packed away for the next Christmas season. And Dad would take out the tree. It was bitter sweet, knowing the season was over and it was time to prepare for the New Year but yet, in the back of your mind, saying this will be done again next year and the magic of the Christmas tree will enchant our living room once again.


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