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Government Shutdown Effects Trenton Community Clinic


January 23, 2019 | View PDF

The Trenton Community Clinic is operated by the Trenton Indian Service Area under a Self Determination Contract from Indian Health Service. Because of the government shutdown, Indian Health Service has informed the Clinic that all funds covered under the contract will be suspended until the government shutdown is ended. These are the funds that are used for the major operating funds for the Clinic.

Without these funds being available, non-essential staff has either been furloughed or have chosen to work without pay during the duration of the shutdown. Those employees who have agreed to work without pay will be compensated in full of back pay once the shutdown is over and money has been received from Indian Health Service.

At the present time, the Clinic has had to make some cuts especially in the area of referred medical care where bills relating to referrals will be deferred until such time as money becomes available.

Direct care services will continue on a limited basis. The Board of Directors of the Trenton Indian Service Area has made it a priority to keep direct services open and available if funds are available.

Some employees who work in our Administration and Bureau of Indian Affairs programs have also been furloughed.


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