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Hermans Car Wash to Open in Sidney Mid-Summer


(L-R) Roger and Don Byer with John Reynolds

Don and Roger Byer and Reynolds Corporation announced Thursday the addition of Hermans Car Wash to the Shops at Fox Run. Hermans Car Wash is named after Byers' father who passed away 25 years ago. Their other car wash is named after their mother Margie.

Hermans will be located in lot 1, next to the post office and Highway 200. "There's not a better location in Richland County," Roger said. He credited Reynolds Corporation for being more than helpful in making the project come together while John Reynolds, president and CEO of Reynolds Corporation, said it should be a really good fit for the complex. Plans call for the carwash to be open 24-7 by the end of July. Access will be available via the main entrance to Reynolds Market on Highway 200, or the back road.

The wash will feature three automatic bays, but no hand wash bay due to the massive amount of work it requires to keep it clean. "Our employees spend as much time cleaning the hand wash bays at Margies as people spend washing their vehicle," Roger stated. "It's more difficult to manage and be a good, clean business. Less dirt and grime will be in the best interests of everybody. We want to be a really good neighbor."

Hermans will look like Margies and feature identical state-of-the-art equipment but the pay station will be different. There will also be four vacuum spaces. While Margies is very well lit, a light show in Hermans will make the wash experience even better for customers.

"Security and safety are our big issues," Roger said. Extensive signage and a bright exterior will help customer navigate the facility. Water recycling will also be a part of Hermans with 1500 to 3000 gallons per day being reused.

Don't like to wait in line? Hermans will feature live cameras and customers can download an app which will provide a view of the car wash and let them know wait times without having to drive by.

Excellent employees keep Margies clean and running smoothly. Byers are also looking to hire a couple of good employees for Hermans. Contact them at 406-482-4401.

John Reynolds expressed his satisfaction with the development saying that it's a great deal for both entities. Reynolds marketing manager Libby Berndt added that they really appreciate B&B's commitment to the community. "It's always great to see something positive," she commented.


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