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Montana Voters Have One Week Left to Hand-Deliver Ballots For November 5 Election

BIPA in Effect and Enforced for Ballots Delivered on another Voter’s Behalf


October 30, 2019 | View PDF

Helena, MT – The Montana Association of Clerk and Recorders (MACR) and the Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP) want to remind voters that all hand-delivered ballots must be delivered by November 5 and that any person who delivers a ballot on behalf of another voter must comply with BIPA (Ballot Interference Prevention Act) regulations.

Voters have until 8 p.m. on Election Day, November 5, to deliver ballots. The instructions mailed with the ballot will list locations where ballots may be returned.

BIPA, which was passed by 63% of Montana voters in the 2018 general election, specifically impacts absentee ballots and hand-delivered mail-only ballots.

“For some Montana voters, this is the first election with BIPA regulations. Our goal is to ensure that all Montana voters are educated about BIPA regulations so our elections and democracy can occur efficiently and with transparency, security, and confidence,” said Bret Rutherford of the Montana Association of Clerk and Recorders. 

The below tips can help fast-track delivery for Montanans who choose to deliver ballots:

1. BIPA does not apply for ballots returned by mail or for votes cast in-person at a polling site.

Any person who will be delivering ballots must fill out a BIPA registry form (Voters do not need to fill out the form to deliver their own ballot).

2. A maximum of six ballots (in addition to a person’s own ballot) can be delivered for the November 5th election.

3. To fast-track the delivery process, ballot collectors can print the BIPA registry form before collecting ballots.

“BIPA will impact individuals who return other person’s ballots in person. Because the COPP oversees BIPA’s compliance and enforcement, we are grateful to election administrators who are often the first point of contact in helping ensure voters are aware of and in compliance with BIPA regulations. Education is always the best compliance tool,” said Commissioner Jeff Mangan.

Compliance and enforcement BIPA information is available at the COPP’s website. Voters can also find resources to navigate voting in Montana at MACR’s website. 


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