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Wild Flour Cafe & Bakery In Alexander Hosts Lefse Making Classes


December 4, 2019 | View PDF

Donna Sims forming lefse dough balls for participants to roll out onto boards

When Thanksgiving and Christmas time rolls around, so does the lefse making. That is why this time of year, Wild Flour Cafe & Bakery in Alexander, North Dakota, is offering lefse-making classes to the public!

During the class, attendees will learn the step by step process of making lefse. All materials necessary for making lefse will be provided, including long wooden turning sticks, big round lefse griddles, and special types of lefse rolling pins. The cost to participate is $30 per person. Attendees will get lefse, a t-shirt, an adult beverage, and hands-on-experience making lefse. 

Lefse is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread made with real or instant potatoes, flour, butter, and milk or cream. This Scandinavian treat is especially popular around the Christmas holidays. Many Scandinavian-Americans eat lefse primarily around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Participants cooking lefse dough on lefse griddles

Lefse may be a simple food, but it's tricky and labor-intensive to make. When the lefse dough is made, it is rolled into logs and then cut into 4-ounce portions and rolled into balls. Then the dough is rolled out on a round board with a pastry cloth. 

During the class, the "rollers" equipped with a lefse board and lefse rolling pin and cover, flatten the balls into near-perfect 14-inch circles. Next, the grillers, using a special lefse stick, pick up the dough circle and gently lay it on a lefse griddle. The finished lefse is then placed on a cloth to cool and covered to keep moist.

It is a fun experience for everyone to participate in! For more information on the lefse making classes you can visit the Wild Flour Cafe & Bakery Facebook page or give them a call at 701-828-3168.


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