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Richland Co. Republican Central Committee Takes First Step Forward To Making Richland County A Sanctuary County For The Unborn And 2nd Amendment

Joining many counties across the country, this process will ensure Richland County will protect the lives and liberties of its residents.


December 25, 2019 | View PDF

Pastor Jordan Hall explains the legal process by which Richland County can become a Sanctuary County for the Unborn and for the Second Amendment. Also pictured are two precinct committeemen, Duane Mitchell (front) and Mike Roiger (back). (Photo submitted)

Sidney, MT – The Richland County Republican Central Committee (RCRCC) voted unanimously on Dec.16 to take the first step forward in the process of making Richland County a Sanctuary County for the Unborn and a Sanctuary County for the Second Amendment. A Sanctuary County for the Unborn will pass ordinances against abortion within the limits of our county in future anticipation of the over-turning of Roe v. Wade and send a powerful message about how our county values life. They will declare their county a safe place for all unborn persons, and look forward to working together with Personhood USA in this process. As a Sanctuary County for the Second Amendment, we will assert their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms within the county regardless of unconstitutional laws or unconstitutional rulings at the federal or state level.

Richland County has virtual one-party government and the GOP controls every aspect of county government. As the RCRCC they are demanding that elected officials on the party ticket hear and abide by the wishes of the Central Committee and the will of the people of Richland County on this matter.

The RCRCC voted to formally request the presence of all elected officials to attend a Jan. 20 meeting at 7 p.m. and the County Extension Office to hear about the process of becoming a Sanctuary County and they are expected to uphold the party platform on these matters and the will of the people.

The RCRCC also cordially invites all residents in Richland County to attend the meeting to give their input on the importance of using the county government to protect our lives and liberty. Upon completion of this Jan. 20 meeting, they will present the County Commissioners and all elected officials in Richland County a petition from the people and, should Providence allow, a directive from the RCRCC to carry out this sanctuary process in their capacity as county officials.


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