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2020 National Hard Spring Wheat Show


February 19, 2020 | View PDF

Jerry Doan, Black Leg Ranch, speaks about the importance of soil health in improving the value of the land for and health of crops, livestock and people.

The 2020 National Hard Spring Wheat Show was held Feb. 13 at the Williston ARC. The conference included seminars on weather, wheat production, soil health, weed control and the popular 5th grade bread fair. Jay & Jerry Doan, Black Leg Ranch near McKenzie, ND, spoke at the awards dinner. Their presentation was "Regenerating Soil Health While Improving the Bottom Line" and "Diversifying Ag: Thinking Outside the Fence."

Jay Doan, Black Leg Ranch, talked about diversifying in Ag to turn a profit. The Black Leg Ranch holds weddings, brews beer, rents cabins for agri-tourism and hunting outfitting as well as ranching.


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