NoDak Northern Lights Gymnastics Results, March 7-8, Watford City


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On March 7 and 8, one team from South Dakota, five teams from Montana, and twelve North Dakota teams for a total of eighteen, showed up at the Rough Rider Center for the second annual NoDak Northern Lights Invite hosted by Badlands Gymnastics of Watford City. A total of 250 athletes came in 2019, another 165 more for a total of 415 came for the 2020 version as the word gets out that Badlands puts on the best competition for miles and miles around.

The NoDak was designed as a "tune up" competition for the State Meet that was to be held by American Gold Gymnastics in Fargo on March 20-22; but it turned out to be the final competition of the year for North Dakota since USA Gymnastics closed off all competitions due to the Covid-19 the week following the NoDak.

Badlands Gymnastics Club Results: Xcel Bronze Team: In its first (and now final) real test of the season, the Badlands Bronze Team came out at the top of the pack of competing teams. 1st Badlands 110.050; 2nd Northern Hills (Sturgis, SD) 109.200; 3rd Red River Valley 108.925; 4th American Gold 106.200; Dickinson 70.875

Xcel Bronze Top 3 Individual Results:

Bronze A: Aubree Roerick 1st Bars 9.450; 3rd All Around 35.950; Madison Kelly 3rd Bars 8.225

Bronze B: Emma Job 1st Vault 9.650; 3rd Bars 9.225; 3rd Beam 8.400; 1st Floor 9.125; 1st AA 36.400; Brooklynn Spotted Bear 1st Bars 9.400; 1st Beam 8.825; 2nd Floor 9.100; 3rd AA 34.650 Valentina Gularte; 3rd Vault 9.125; 3rd Floor 8.900

Bronze C: Clara Wisness 2nd Vault 9.500; 3rd Bars 8.900; 3rd Beam 8.450; 1st Floor 9.050; 1st AA 35.900; Brooke Roscoe 1st Vault 9.525; 2nd Bars 9.200; 2nd Floor 9.025; 2nd AA 35.775; Makayla Klamm 3rd Vault 9.175; Eden Ybarra 2nd Balance Beam 8.500; 3rd Floor 8.925; Lillian Holt 4th Floor 8.900; Trinity Hernandez 6th Vault 8.875

Bronze D: Sierra Griffin 1st Vault 9.650; 2nd Bars 9.000; 2nd All Around 36.175; Ayla Norton 3rd Bars 8.950; Karinna Del Torro 2nd Vault 9.500; Bryndal Geiger 4th Vault 8.900

Xcel Silver Top 3 Individual Results: Silver D: Morgan Webster 2nd Beam 8.925; 3rd Floor 9.100; 3rd All Around 35/275

Level 3 Team Results: 1st American Gold 111.025; 2nd Gymagic 109.975; 3rd Red River Valley 109.625; 4th Bismarck 109.450; 5th Northern Hills 108.425; 6th Dakota Star 106.775; 7th Dickinson 106.425; 8th Devil Dog 105.225; 9th Badlands 105.225; 10th Western Stars 103.750; 11th Jamestown 101.550; 12th Acro Stars 101.425; 13th Sidney 96.800

Level 3 Top 3 Individual Results: L3A: Oaklie Waters 4th Balance Beam 8.300; L3E: Lenora Arnold 1st Floor 9.225; L3 B3: Aurora Holt 3rd Vault 9.075; 1st Bars 9.075; 1st Beam 9.150; 3rd Floor 9.000; 1st AA 36.375

Level 4 Team: Badlands did an outstanding job in the team competition, coming in third against some fierce competition. 1st TNT 109.735; 2nd American Gold 109.400; 3rd Badlands 108.550; 4th Billings 106.900; 5th Bismarck 106.750; 6th Red River Valley 104.200; 7th Northern Pacific 103.400; 8th Jamestown 103.550; 9th Western Stars 100.825; 10th Dakota Star 100.750; 11th Dickinson 99.550; 12th Devil Dog 99.400; 13th Gymagic 65.150; 14th Sidney 32.100; 15th Acro Stars 31.725

Level 4 Top 3 Individual Results: Badlands did an outstanding job, taking home many, many event firsts in the various age groups, and Sky Cutshall had the highest All Around of the entire 90+ gymnast Level 4 field.

L4 B: Emree Wold 3rd Vault 8.250; 3rd Bars 9.200; 3rd Floor 9.000; L4 D: Skye Cutshall 1st Vault 9.125; 2nd Bars 9.250; 1st Balance Beam 9.450; 1st Floor 9.450; 1st AA 37.325; L4 D4: Amelia Wisness 1st Bars 9.375; 1st Beam 9.275; 1st All Around 35.350; Sasha Stieg 1st Vault 8.700; 1st Floor 9.075; 3rd All Around 34.825; Lyrik Olson 3rd Bars 8.950; 3rd Floor 8.850

Level 5 Top Three Individual Results: L5 D: Annabelle Coughlin: 2nd Bars 8.850; 1st Beam 8.950; 1st Floor 8.850; 1st All Around 35.250

Level 6 Team Results: 1st Valley Twisters 107.275; 2nd Billings 106.450; 3rd Dickinson 103.225; 4th Red River Valley 102.600; 5th Badlands 100.925; 6th Jamestown 100.850; 7th Gymagic 72.500

Level 6 Top Three Individual Results: L6 B: Eastyn Wold: 2nd Vault 8.600; 3rd Floor 9.150; 3rd All Around 34.200; L6 C: Emma Coughlin 3rd Vault 8.475; 2nd Floor 9.200; Caroline Dreffs 5th Bars 8.750


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