Sidney Community Garden Continues To Provide Space For Community To Grow Produce

Since 2014, Sidney has had a community garden that provides a space for individuals to grow fresh produce, learn more about gardening, and to participate in outdoor activities.

The idea for the community garden came from a public input meeting that was organized by the Richland County Communities in Action group. People of Richland County were concerned about the little access to fresh produce by citizens, so they felt that implementing a community garden would help address those needs.

"At the time the oil boom was in full swing and many people were living in trailers or RVs with little to no space to have a garden. From this meeting the commissioners asked the Eastern Ag Research Center about the possibility of putting some garden space in on some land south of the Extension/EARC facility. The director of the EARC agreed and the area was laid out for the beds to be placed," said Tim Fine, MSU Richland County Extension agent.  

The community garden is located north of Sidney at the Extension/Eastern Ag Research facility. The size of the garden is 40' x 60' and has a total of 24 four-foot by eight-foot garden beds. The area is fenced off and has a shed with some tools and a water supply. 

Fine explained that the community has been very successful since its inception. The intent of the area is for citizens to grow annual vegetables. 

"From time to time, renters will grow flowers and there was a person who started some strawberries in it. However, there is no guarantee that a person will get the same bed year after year so perennial plants are discouraged," said Fine. 

If individuals are interested in renting out a garden bed, all they have to do is give the Richland County Extension Office a call. The beds can be rented for $20/year and all participants are required to sign a contract with the Extension Office.


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