Richland Co. Republicans Collecting Signatures For Petitions

Richland County Republicans are collecting signatures for two petitions. These petitions are to declare Richland County (MT) a sanctuary for gun rights and unborn children. 

The petition declaring Richland County as a sanctuary for gun rights states that citizens’ gun rights are slowly eroding due to overreach of federal and state governments around the United States. “Richland County residents overwhelmingly support the right to keep and bear arms. Our county commissioners desire to express their deep concern that the Second Amendment should not be infringed.”

The petition declaring Richland County as a sanctuary for the unborn states that “the Declaration of Independence affirms that all men are created equal and have been endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights - chief among them the right to life - and that the protection of these rights is an affirmative duty of federal, state and local governments; and the 5th and 14th Amendments to United States Constitution provide for the protection of human life and liberty. Our county commissioners desire to express deep concern that all human beings, at every stage of development, including before birth, in Richland County should be afforded protection from acts of cruelty, and be treated humanely and with dignity. “

Dozens of local residents coordinated to create these petitions. Jordan Hall, Richland County Republican Party precinct captain, expressed that both of these petitions are very important - Hall says he does not represent the central committee in any official capacity.

The second amendment is “an insurance policy that life will be preserved and liberties will be protected.” Hall said, “There’s nothing more important than the right to life. God has given every human being the right to live and we don’t believe in taking unjustly innocent human lives and the Second Amendment is vitally important to protecting all of our other rights. The Second Amendment is a stock gap measure to ensure that the people’s rights are protected against the government.”

Richland County Republicans first discussed the petitions in 2020 at a town hall meeting. Soon after this, the group sent out mailers to Richland County residents, in an attempt to collect signatures; over 1,000 signatures have been collected on both petitions. The group is hoping to get 1/2 of all Richland County active voters to sign the petitions. This is great progress for the group as there are only about 2,500 active voters that reside in Richland County. 

If enough signatures are collected, the petition will spark resolutions on these issues that express the values of Richland County and highlight the community’s support of community leaders on these two issues. 

“This petition isn’t designed to force our county officials or commissioners to do anything - it is simply designed to let them know that the voters of Richland County have their backs and support them. We would like the commissioners to pass resolutions that would be nonbinding and explain the values of Richland County. And that they will do everything legally within their power to make sure that the views of Richland County voters are represented on these two issues,” said Hall. 

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