Foundation For Community Care Awards $356,723.87

Community Support Benefits Local Healthcare

Sidney - The Foundation for Community Care, a non-profit, Richland County organization focused on ensuring access to excellent, lifelong healthcare services in our community, announced its 2021 Healthcare Grants today.

In 1983, the Foundation for Community Care was organized to prepare for the future of healthcare in Richland County and surrounding areas. While rural hospitals across the nation were closing their doors, local residents felt fortunate to have excellent quality healthcare services and wanted to help keep it that way. An endowment fund was established, and each year, some of the earnings from the endowment fund are distributed for local healthcare needs.

The 2021 Foundation Healthcare Grants were awarded with the intent of enhancing the medical and healthcare services in the region. The funds will purchase new medical equipment, provide educational materials and support efforts to improve overall community wellness.

Area projects funded this year include:

Sidney Svarre Municipal Pool:

Security System for swimmer, spectator, and staff safety, $5,000

Richland County Health Department:

Infant care seats & information about correct installation, $4,000

Savage Sunrise Manor:

Wheelchair, bed, chair alarms, & recliner lifts for safety on the go & at home, $2,300

Richland Opportunities, Inc.

Arjo Patient Lift & Wheelchair Scale providing safe way to monitor clients’ health & needs, $9,000

Boys & Girls Club of Richland County:

Additional pads for Exergame system to promote exercise when outdoor activities are not an option, $5,000

Richland County Health Department:

FIT kits for non-invasive, home colon cancer screening for men, $2,300

Fairview Schools:

Funds to purchase ADA compliant playground surfacing and equipment, $25,000

Sidney Public Schools – Central Elementary Gyms:

Install permanent, telescoping bleachers for safe & accessible seating for students, educators, & spectators, $15,000

Richland Youth Hockey Association:

Water fountain with bottle filler to keep athletes & spectators hydrated, $3,625

Sidney Health Center:

Handheld Glidescopes for ease of intubation in emergency & surgical departments, $9,700

Cancer Care:

Bladder Scanner Ultrasound to quickly & non-invasively diagnose, manage & treat urinary functions, $7,480

Rehab Services:

Upgrading primary therapy equipment impacting patients with wide ranges of therapeutic needs, $15,200

OB/GYN Clinic:

Phillips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound System for use in clinic, $67,895

Imaging Department:

Transrectal Ultrasound Probe to accommodate the best services possible for patients experiencing prostate exams & biopsies, $9,805.80

Imaging Department:

Replacement of C-Arm providing high-quality care & imaging while enhancing workflow in the Surgical Services Department, $62,000

Respiratory & Cardiac Therapy:

New medical treadmill system for cardiac stress testing. Allows Sidney Health Center to continue to be the only facility in the region offering nuclear cardiac testing. $30,000

Respiratory & Cardiac Therapy:

Portable spirometry system & new body box system for follow up pulmonary function testing of patients receiving chemo & post COVID-19 care, $62,000

Audiology Clinic:

Biologic AuDX Pro OAE testing machine allowing Sidney Health Center Audiology Clinic to continue to provide comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations for newborn hearing screening program, difficult to test patients, interoperative patients, an at-risk patients for hearing loss from noise exposure, $10,403

Extended Care:

Bladder Scan BVI 6100 for preventative bladder care allowing for efficient treatment and assisting in maintaining the highest possible level of function for residents, $6,610.30

The Foundation for Community Care board & staff would like to thank each and every donor who has given to the mission of a healthier Richland County.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation’s Endowment Fund, contact the staff at 406-488-2273 or send your contribution to 221 2nd St. NW, Sidney, MT 59270. Memorial gifts may also be given to the Endowment Fund. For more information please see


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