Smart Planning: Watford City Desires Community Input on 2040 Infrastructure Master Plan

The City of Watford City is in the midst of developing a long-term infrastructure Master Plan. Public input is desired at this point of the planning process to ensure the plan is aligned with the appropriate priorities.

Over the last decade, communities across western North Dakota have experienced rapid population growth, primarily due to increased oil and gas activity during the recent surge in the oil and gas industry. Watford City was one of the fastest growing communities in the state, growing from 1,800 people in 2010 to an estimated 7,000+ people today. Population growth presents many benefits and opportunities, including local economy stimulation and increased amenities in the community, but also comes with potential challenges such as strained municipal services and finances.

The City of Watford City relies heavily on gross production tax (GPT) revenues, sales tax revenues, property tax revenues, and utility (water, sewer, garbage) fees to fund new infrastructure, infrastructure renewal and replacement, and infrastructure operations and maintenance. With the recent slowdown in western North Dakota and the world, the City wanted to better position themselves for the future and align funding sources with existing and proposed infrastructure to ensure a resilient infrastructure plan is in place.

The City made the decision to embark on a Master Planning journey last year to develop the Watford City 2040 Infrastructure Master Plan. The Master Plan will help the City plan and strategically implement operations, maintenance, and infrastructure improvements over the next 20 years.

The City has scheduled a Community Engagement Open-House on Tuesday, July 20. Details are as follows:

• What: Watford City 2040 Infrastructure Master Plan – Community Engagement Session

• Place: Rough Rider Center (Gold/Silver Rooms)

• When: Tuesday, July 20, 5:30-7 p.m.

The Community Engagement Open-House will start with a brief presentation by the project team followed by open access to stations focusing on roads, sidewalks and paths; water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure; and City buildings and amenities. The Open House will offer opportunities for residents to learn about the project along with the progress that has been made, learn about the City’s infrastructure systems, have the opportunity to ask questions of the project team, and provide input on the Master Plan.


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