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Over the past 43 years I have served our community and now in a more limited way continue to do so by choosing to be vaccinated against COVID and by wearing a mask in public places. With only 40% of Richland County vaccinated, there is still a risk that I could become infected and pass this to my husband who has underlying health conditions. In our home we are most comfortable with those who are also fully vaccinated. These individuals are also committed to protecting our community’s health and returning to a full economy.

It is incomprehensible that the same people who obey traffic laws, volunteer for church, school, civic, charitable and community events, are not willing to receive, at no cost, a medicine that will prevent them from becoming a host to a disease that continues to mutate and spread, taking hospital beds from patients who illness is not preventable by a vaccine, causing burn out of medical workers, creating work slow downs when infecting others and causing the business to close due to quarantine, and leading to the premature deaths of elderly and compromised persons who do not have the reserves to fight this illness.

I am fully vaccinated and masked because I care about my friends, neighbors, and community. Please care about me.

Janet Martineau,

Sidney MT


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