Brodie Gorder Memorial Wrestling Tournament

The Brodie Gorder Iron Eagle Memorial Wrestling Tournament took place in Sidney on March 12-13. Sidney's Team Brodie took 2nd place during the dual tournament March 12. Dual scores for the Sidney team were Team Champ Gold (Billings) 103-9, Circle 103-13, Glasgow 72-42 and Team Champ Black (Billings) 29-72.

Brodie Gorder Memorial Iron Eagle 2022 Team Results

1st Place: Alexander Comets, 6174

2nd Place: Baker Wrestling Club, 6184

3rd Place: Beach Bucs, 6181

4th Place: Billings Wrestling Club, 6190

5th Place: Bowman County, 6187

6th Place: Circle Wrestling Team, 6180

7th Place: Colstrip Wrestling Club, 6188

8th Place: Coyote Wrestling Club, 6169

9th Place: Cut Bank, 6186

10th Place: Darkhorse, 6173

11th Place: Dickinson Wrestling Club, 6201

12th Place: Force 10 Wrestling Academy, 6202

13th Place: Forsyth Wrestling Club, 6193

14th Place: Glasgow Wrestling Club, 6176

15th Place: Glendive Mat Devils, 6194

16th Place: Hardin Wrestling Club, 6199

17th Place: Havre Wrestling Club, 6200

18th Place: Heights Wrestling, 6172

19th Place: Malta Wrestling Club, 6185

20th Place: Matpac, 6203

21st Place: Miles City Wrestling Club, 6170

22nd Place: Montana Disciples, 6192

23rd Place: Northeast MT, NEM

24th Place: Poplar Wrestling Club, 6183

25th Place: Project Wrestling, PW

26th Place: Shepherd Wrestling Club, 6182

27th Place: Sidney, SWC

28th Place: Stillwater Wrestling Club, 6175

29th Place: Team Champs, 6171

30th Place: Terry, TWC

31st Place: Watford City, 6198

32nd Place: Williams County Firestorm, 6189

33rd Place: Wolf Point Wrestling Club, 6179


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