Mid-Rivers Communications Awards $75,000 In Scholarships

Mid-Rivers Communications is proud to announce the award of 36 scholarships to students from the Cooperative’s service area. Six $2,500 scholarships were awarded to students planning to attend Dawson Community College or Miles Community College, and 30 $2,000 scholarships were awarded to students planning to attend a four-year college or university, community college or tech school in the fall of 2022.  Preference was given in the scholarship award selection process to students who plan to live and work in Eastern and Central Montana after completing their education.

A $2,500 Dawson Community College/Miles Community College Scholarship has been awarded to the following local recipients:

• Shawna Eggert, Richey, daughter of Nancy Eggert, will attend DCC for Business Management.

A $2,000 Mid-Rivers Higher Education Scholarship has been awarded to the following local recipients:

• Claire Frank, Sidney, daughter of Donald Frank, will attend Grand Canyon University for Biology/Pre-Med.

• Megan Asbeck, Fairview, daughter of Pat & Donetta Asbeck, will go to Dickinson State in Biology/Pre-Med.

• Rowan Ellingson, Sidney, daughter of Daren and Erin Ellingson, will go to Casper College to studey Ag Business.

• Suttyn Barnhart, Sidney, daughter of Thomas & Jeana Barnhart, plans to attend University of Mary in Nursing.

• Trudi Speldrich, Sidney, granddaughter of Vicky and Ty Edelman, will attend MSU for Chemical Engineering.

“Mid-Rivers is committed to the communities we serve, and the Mid-Rivers Higher Education Scholarship is one of the many ways we are able to show that commitment,” stated General Manager/CEO Michael Candelaria. “This year’s $75,000 in scholarships will allow us to have a positive impact on the lives of 36 students and families from Eastern and Central Montana.”

Mid-Rivers will award fifteen (15) additional $1,000 scholarships to area students through a drawing at the Cooperative’s Annual Meeting on May 24, at the Garfield County High School Gym, Jordan. To qualify for the scholarship drawing, the student must:

• attend the Annual Meeting with a parent or guardian who is a Cooperative Member (requires a signed Membership Application that has been approved by the Board of Trustees and active local telephone or Internet service from Mid-Rivers),

• be enrolled to attend a higher education institution in the fall of 2022,

• provide proof of full-time enrollment at the Annual Meeting,

• sign up at the Scholarship Registration table at the Annual Meeting, and

• be present during the Business Meeting when the drawing takes place.

Registration will begin at 10:30 a.m. and close at the start of the Business Meeting at 11 a.m. The 15 scholarship recipients will be drawn at random from the list of eligible students attending the meeting. Interested students may contact Mid-Rivers at 1-800-452-2288 to verify membership prior to attending the meeting in Jordan or for more information.


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