Ways to Save Money When Shopping!

Do you find it challenging to find ways to save money when you are shopping with the increase in prices? You are probably not alone. According to the Federal Trade Commission, saving money is finding ways to pay less when you shop by paying the best prices for the items you are purchasing. Saving money could also mean deciding not to buy everything and putting your needs above your wants.

As suggested by the Federal Trade Commission, there are some techniques and ways to help you save money when shopping. Comparison shopping is a good way to save money; by comparing prices for the same items from multiple stores, you might be able to find a better deal. There are also times when you might be able to negotiate a better price for an item. Additionally, asking yourself if what you are considering purchasing might go on sale soon and if you can wait to purchase that item is another technique that might help you save money.

However, according to the Federal Trade Commission, saving money does not always mean buying the cheapest product. Sometimes something that costs a little more or is of better quality is worth it as it might last longer and be a better value. An example from the Federal Trade Commission is do you buy one pair of shoes that will last a year for $50 or buy a new pair every six months, costing $30 each, equaling $60 for the year.

There are also some things that you can do to help save money at the grocery store. The article “10 Tips to Save Money at the Grocery Store,” by Candace Kornelsen and Carrie Johnson, NDSU Extension, has provided some tips to help you save money at the store. Some of these 10 tips are: make a list and stick to it, eat what is in season to help get the best price and taste, look at higher and lower shelves as usually more expensive products are located at eye level, and check weekly sale ads to incorporate sale foods into your weekly meals.

Another thing to consider when purchasing sale items specifically to help you save money is asking yourself if you should buy the item? The Federal Trade Commission has provided some additional questions for you to consider before buying that sale product. Am I buying this because it is on sale? Do I need or want it? Can I afford the item? Do I want to purchase it (adding to credit card debt)?

You might also be wondering about coupons and if they really save you money? The Federal Trade Commission indicates that you can save money when using coupons. However, there is a catch; they only save you money if you buy items that you would typically purchase. Hopefully, some of these tips and tricks will help you save money on your next trip to the store.


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