Students Of Sidney Tendokan Win In Recent Tae Kwon Do Nationals

Coach Jerrold Baxter, Sidney Tendokan Taekwondo was proud to bring two students,Brielle Baxter and Victor Cursino to the United States Taekwondo national championships in Salt Lake City, UT, July 28-31.

Both are highly competitive and hard-working individuals who want to continue their training to the level of black belt. Tendokan teaches the moves that are required to compete on the regional, national, and global levels but does not focus on them. Students from Tendokan used to regularly compete at the national levels 4-5 years ago. "Competing is expensive and we stopped for a while but some students wanted to go further this year," said Coach Baxter. He took two students, Brielle Baxter and Victor Cursino. They both had gone to the Regional Grand Prix in Reno, NV back in May and placed first in their divisions. The competitors had to pay their way both times. Staff at Tendokan are planning on fundraisers to lessen the financial drain on their student's families but nothing has been scheduled, yet.

Baxter is a Fairview high schooler with a red belt in Taekwondo. She took 2nd place in her division. Baxter's father got her training started in Taekwondo and she chose to continue training for the next 7-8 years. Her desire to best people gave her the passion to train. During the lockdown in 2020, she took online courses with Olympian Stephen Lambdin, who placed 11th during the Summer Olympics in Rio in 2016. Baxter concentrated on her kicking and mobility. In 2021, she trained at Missoula Taekwondo Center with Coach Steve Rosbarsky while staying with family. She is planning to take her training to the level of black belt.

Cursino works at the Richland County jail and holds a green belt in Taekwondo. Victor just began his training in 2021. He had always wanted to do Taekwondo but his parents would not allow him to try it as a child. He loves it now and learned the moves needed for competition at Tendokan and decided he wanted to take it further. He is planning to continue his training to black belt level as well.

Sidney Tendokan Taekwondo has been a staple in Sidney's landscape for several decades. The school is on a one-month break throughout August but will start up classes again in September. Those wanting more information can visit their Facebook page at or visit the school at 117 N. Central Ave., Sidney, during business hours.


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