McKenzie County Community Foundation (MCCF) Seeks Grant Applications

The Community Foundation Fund is giving out $11,617 in grants to local organizations. Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, government agencies. Groups without such designation may enlist a fiscal sponsor.

Apply ONLINE only at tab apply for Grant. Applications are due Sept. 28. The local advisory committee will discuss the applications and determine grant awards in October.

The McKenzie County Community Foundation was established to fund priority needs of the community that would not otherwise be funded, or did not have complete funding. Areas it can benefit are parks and recreation, youth services, social services, emergency services, or healthcare. Earnings from the fund are given annually. Please email questions or to get more information at [email protected] and one of the local committee members will respond. Or with general questions about NDCF email John Heinen at [email protected].

Currently we cannot fund all of our annual request…if you are an individual, social service group, or Company, your gift combined with others will allow us to make a bigger impact in our community. Gifts are welcomed and accepted at any time of year. This is a qualified endowment fund and certain donations will qualify for a 40% state income tax credit for those in or out of state filing in North Dakota. For more information about the services of NDCF, contact John our NDCF regional support person at [email protected]. Local advisory committee chair is Marcia Hellandsaas and she can be reached at 701-444-3451.


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