Thiessen Wins Grand Champion Title With Poultry Project

Twelve-year-old Ashlyn Thiessen had the Grand Champion Standard Market Chicken and Reserve Champion Bantam Ornamental Female under 1 year at the 2022 Richland County Fair. “I am very proud of all my hard work this year,” said Thiessen. She showed a market pair of Cornish Rock chickens, a Silkie Bantam, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, and a Dominique chicken.

In addition to this, she also competed in dog and cat showmanship.

Thiessen has been a member of the Three Buttes 4-H Club for over four years. “I decided to join because I thought it sounded like fun,” she explained.

She has participated in several indoor projects during her time as a 4-H member. “My favorite part about 4-H is showing projects. Some of my favorite projects would be sewing my leopard print circle skirt and reversible tote bag, creating an indoor dog poster project, and a dog agility/obstacle course.”

Thiessen is looking forward to many more years of showing projects and competing at the fair with her animals as a Three Buttes 4-H member.


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