ABC Lanes Bowling Alley Back In Business

After remaining closed for 2 1/2 years, Sidney’s Bowling Alley is back and busier than ever. ABC Lanes has undergone several changes since it was last open.

New owners, Dennis and Robin Trudell, Fairview, have dedicated several hours of their time to get the place back into working order.

“There were issues with the building that had to be addressed, so we had a lot of maintenance work done and did some remodeling,” said Dennis Trudell.

In addition to this, it took a long time to obtain a liquor license from the state of Montana, due to COVID-19.

But now that the bowling alley is back in business, Sidney bowlers are happy they don’t have to drive an hour away to pursue their hobby.

“We have had a tremendous response to opening the bowling alley and have been busy like you can’t believe. Open bowling has been full every day that we have had it, so we had to restrict the open bowling to weekends when we started the league,” added Trudell.

ABC Lanes hosts open bowling at 1 p.m. MT on Saturdays and Sundays, and leagues night every weekday, which includes men’s, women’s, couples, senior, and Deadwood leagues. Trudells are hoping to start a league for businesses, where they can sponsor a team and bring employees.

The Trudells are happy to see people of all ages enjoying the bowling alley. They hope to expand their options of fun in the near future with the addition of some non-bowling games.

“I got involved with the bowling alley because I wanted to make sure that the bowling alley remained a bowling alley; it gives everyone a chance to get involved in a fun activity,” explained Trudell.

“It is a good feeling to see so many members of the community coming out and supporting the business.”


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