Explore The Dos & Don'ts Of Drainage Tile With Weiland During Ag Days

Jerry Weiland, a Fratco sales representative, will be speaking about 'Drainage Tile: Dos and Don'ts at this year's MonDak Ag Days & Trade Show, March 2 and 3. The annual event is a Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agricultural event which provides educational presentations and showcases the newest in ag-related technologies.

Weiland's presentation will explain why drainage tile is one of the best investments a grower can implement on their farm, how drainage tile will pay for itself, and how it can make farming easier and more profitable. He will also cover the basics of designing a system, which begins with an assessment of the ground with consideration of the soil parent material, how the ground has been treated in the past 50-100 years, and the hydraulic pressure in the soils in question.

"I have customers using our tile for several different reasons. First is for drainage in the agricultural fields. Second, are for sub surface irrigation using the tile system to drain the field of excess water while allowing a method to add water back into the soil for irrigation. A third use is for irrigation water flow in canals and ditches to eliminate the seepage from those systems while adding human safety and reducing cleaning and maintenance," Weiland said.

Drainage tile has been used since the mid 1970s with its main function to allow airflow into the soil, preventing root systems from being drowned or stunted.

"Water is necessary for crop production, so reducing that for late season crop production seems counter intuitive. We have to understand, if we do not have a healthy plant, we shouldn't expect good yields. Other benefits include more effective utilization of nutrients, less disease and a better microbial system in the soil," he explained.

Weiland hopes that his listeners will have lots of questions for him and that they leave with a better understanding of what drainage tile is and how it works.

"I encourage a discussion with the group to address their questions; that's why they came to see my presentation in the first place. I also want attendees to feel comfortable to contact me with any questions or concerns following Ag Days," Weiland added.

He can be contacted via email at [email protected] or at 605-957-5050.

The MonDak Ag Days and Trade Show will be held at the Richland County Event Center, with a banquet happening March 2 at 6 p.m. at the Sidney Elks Lodge. For more information, visit them online at facebook.com/mondakagdays.


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