Get Some Help With Those Persistent Weeds At Ag Days

Charlie Lim, NDSU Williston Research Extension Center (WREC) Extension weed specialist, Williston, is scheduled to speak at 10 a.m. March 3 at MonDak Ag Days in Sidney. Lim will offer farmers, ranchers and gardeners up to date information relating to effective control of weeds using pre-emergent herbicides. He will explain the differences in herbicide modes of action and requirements for effective weed control. He will also have updates on herbicide resistance. Lim will cover control of weeds including marestail, kochia, green foxtail, wild oat and narrowleaf hawksbeard. He also plans to bring some weeds for identification purposes. Lim graduated with a PhD in Plant Science from Montana State University in 2020 and was named weed specialist at WREC, Williston in July 2022. His professional interests include integrated and ecological approaches to pro-active weed control and weed seedbank management. As a grad student and post-doctoral research associate, Lim screened and characterized kochia populations for multiple resistance to glyphosate, dicamba and ALS-inhibitor herbicides. He also conducted field trials on weed control and crop safety of new and existing pre- and post-emergent herbicide formulations, as well as integrated strategies to manage weed seedbank in the soil.


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