Rosendale Visits Sidney

Congressman Matt Rosendale visited Sidney last week. Rosendale has served Montana for over 10 years. In 2010, he was elected to the Montana House of Representatives, where he served for two years, followed by four years in the Montana Senate, where his colleagues elected him to serve as the Senate Majority Leader. He most recently served as the state auditor and commissioner of the securities and insurance, where he focused on reducing operating expenses, cutting regulations, and increasing access to high-quality affordable healthcare. Matt and his wife, Jean, live on a ranch near Glendive.

While in Sidney, he spoke up about his opinion of the closing of Sidney Sugars. “I am disappointed to hear that American Crystal will be closing the Sidney factory after the conclusion of this year’s campaign,” said Representative Rosendale. “The factory and sugar beet industry have been a large part of Sidney and the surrounding communities for over 100 years. The loss of 300 jobs and millions of dollars an economic impact will certainly be detrimental to our entire region. My next step is to make sure that Sidney Sugars takes responsibility of cleanup of the site before they leave it. That should not be something that is a burden for the Sidney community.”

Congressman Rosendale also visited the Sidney high school government class last week. “It’s always one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been going to Mr. Faulhaber’s class for years. It’s obvious that Mr. Faulhaber is an excellent teacher because of the quality questions that students ask me.”

Rosendale attended the LYREA annual meeting, visited Farm Bureau, and also the Sidney Police Department. “I’ve held town hall meetings in Circle and in Lewistown and that’s a really good way to get feedback from people.” said the congressman. Rosendale also met with Mid-Rivers Communications.

He also took a trip to the Air Force Base in Great Falls. When asked about the China air balloon, he stated: The Air Force Base can only tell me so much. However, I can 100% tell you that our missiles are protected and are prepared for anything that our country needs.”


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