Tim Spaabeck, 57, Fairview, MT

Timothy James Spaabeck was born to Olga "Dolly" (Brekke) and Anker M. Spaabeck on December 12, 1965 in Polson, Montana. He attended schools in Culbertson, and Froid. He graduated from Froid High School in 1984. Tim participated in and did well in Cross Country his Senior year remembering the experience fondly from time to time.

Tim had deep roots and hated moving. As an adult he lived in Froid and Homestead before making his final home South of Fairview from September 1991 to present.

Tim held various jobs from Constructing Steel Grain Bins, farm work, assisting his brother with his windshield and satellite businesses, logging in Western Montana, and the sugar campaigns at Holly Sugar from 1989 – 1996 until he settled in with Nabors Drilling Inc. in March of 1996 where he worked until the present time.

Tim enjoyed cooking for his family. Everyone looked forward to eating his massive pots of 'Papa's bad ass chili', ham and bean soup and chicken noodle soup, not to mention the racks of ribs and other savory pieces of meat that came off his Traeger grill.

Tim had a witty way with words known as "Tim-isms" and managed to find a nickname for nearly everyone he met. He didn't like being in a crowd but loved spending time with his family. He made himself available to care for his grandchildren, even going so far as to rearrange his work schedule (and his co-workers') so that his shift hours coincided with their daycare needs.

Hunting and fishing were two sports Tim truly enjoyed. He took meticulous care of his guns especially his favorite the 22-250 varmint rifle. He enjoyed riding his Yamaha Raptor 4-wheeler on his property and the back roads and trails between his home and Fairview. He only ended up "upside down in the rhubarb" once, except it was his wife's stone lined flower bed! Ouch! There was nothing he enjoyed more than working around his yard and irrigating from the ditch. Mowing the lawn with his Dixon was a job that he NEVER allowed anyone else to do. He was quite possessive of his vehicles, tools and work shed, going so far as to hide the keys and carry them with him whenever he left the yard.

A more recent favorite pastime was surfing YouTube to find all his favorite bands reliving his youth through the lyrics and melodies of his time. He favored 70s – 90s rock over any other music genre. If he could have had the job of his dreams, he would have been a 'Roadie' accompanying and setting up for all his favorite bands. He shared a love of video games with his children and the anime series Dragon Ball Z. He followed WWF wrestling since the early days when they were known as the WWE. He got a kick out of cheering on his favorite wrestlers.

In August of 1993, Tim and Wanda were married at Faith Farm Christian Fellowship in Froid, Montana. They established their home outside Fairview, Montana where they raised their children: Travis, Chance, Laken, Haelee and Chelby. He was so very proud of all his children and grandchildren. He made room in his heart and in his home for many of their friends (you all know who you are).

Tim's favorite place was Home and his favorite people, Family and Friends.

Tim passed away suddenly at his home on July 3, 2023.

Tim is survived by his wife Wanda (Ereth) Spaabeck; sisters: Jeanne (Don) Reuter, Marilee Spaabeck, Judy Linde; brother Pete (Marlene) Spaabeck; children: Travis Jenson, Chance (Megan) Spaabeck, Laken (Chris) Nygaard, Haelee Spaabeck, and Chelby (Steven) Messer; Grandchildren: Shaylene Jenson, Kirby Iszler, Adyn Spaabeck, Hadley, Banks and Baker Nygaard, Hudson, Bentley and Savone Messer and McKenzee Bundy; and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

Tim is preceded in death by his mother, Olga "Dolly" (Brekke) Spaabeck and his father, Anker M. Spaabeck.

If Tim had something he would say to all of us, it could be found in the words of this song:

"Fight the Good Fight - Triumph

Days grew shorter and the nights are getting long

Feels like we're running out of time

Every day it seems much harder to tell right from wrong

You've got to read between the lines

Don't get discouraged, don't be afraid

You can make it through another day

Make it worth the price we pay

The Good Book says it's better to give than to receive

I do my best to do my part

Nothing in my pockets and there's nothing up my sleeves

I keep my magic in my heart

Keep up your spirit. Keep up your faith, baby

I am counting on you

You know what you've got to do

Fight the good fight every moment

Every minute every day

Fight the good fight every moment

It's your only way

All your life you've been waiting for your chance

Where you'll fit into the plan

But you're the master of your own destiny

So give and take the best that you can

You think a little more money will buy your soul some rest

You'd better think something else instead

You're so afraid of being honest with yourself

You'd better look inside your head

Nothing is easy, nothing good is free

But I can tell you where to start

Take a look inside your heart

There's an answer in your heart

Fight the good fight every moment

Every minute every day

Fight the good fight every moment

Make it worth the price we pay

Every moment of your lifetime

Every minute every day

Fight the good fight every moment

Make it worth the price we pay"

A quote that would make Tim agree with a grin: "Beer is living proof that God loves us ad wants us to be happy." Benjamin Franklin


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