2023 Richland County Fair Features Local Needlework Creations

Tammy Linder, Sidney, works at West Side Elementary School as a teacher/librarian. She is also the superintendent of the Needlework Department during the Richland County Fair. She has helped out at the fair and rodeo in this way for over 20 years. She has lived in Sidney since 1983 and was approached to be the temporary superintendent when the department superintendent had to leave. She was asked to continue being the superintendent of the Needlework Department before the end of that year's fair. As superintendent of the Needlework Department, Linder is in charge of the record books and has to sign off on them. She enters projects into the book, goes around with the other judges to decide the winners, and displays the projects. Linder said, "It's been a privilege to talk to the people who have done needlework for years and to see the new stuff come in from the younger entrants."

In the middle of the commercial building on the far east side of the fairgrounds is Department D, Needlework.

The Needlework Department includes eight different classes within five different divisions of all kinds of creators.

Division AA is for professionals, BB is for advanced, and CC is for novices. DD is for juniors (13-16). First place for these divisions is $5, second place $4, and third $3. EE is for children (12 and under). First place for 12 and under is $3, second place $2, and third place $1. Class 1 is for home sewing. Class 2 is for table linens. Class 3 is for quilts, home and bedroom furnishings. Class 4 is for knitted and crocheted items. Class 5 is for holiday-themed sewn Items. Class 6 is for counted cross stitch. Class 7 is for Hardanger of Norwegian handwork. Class 8 is for miscellaneous items. More information can be found in the 2023 Richland County Fair and Rodeo Premium book or by contacting the fair office at 406-433-2801.


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