Montana Cow Pies Bakery & Dry Goods Located In Village Square Mall

In 2020, Salina and her husband, Michael, Hagwood decided they needed to start a small business. With a little time in the kitchen, some equipment, and a few contacts and Montana Cow Pies was born.

They started Sugar Rush as a hobby in a cabin that Hagwoods had put on their property in Richey, MT, in 2013. They moved to Sidney in 2014 and Salma started an ice cream truck to teach her kids how to run a small business and bring some nostalgia to Sidney. During that time people kept asking her for baked goods, so it transitioned back into Sugar Rush Bakery and the van was used for delivering. They moved into the mall in 2016 but moved out in 2018.

She restarted the business under Montana Cow Pie in 2020 as a delivery business. It grew to a wholesale along with retail business and the local grocery and retail stores have caught on. Now Montana Cow Pies are sold in multiple places around Sidney.

In November 2022, Salina decided she wanted to expand. She had gone into it planning to sell shoes as well as the pies but things changed as time went on. She moved into the section of the Village Square Mall in May 2023 that was once ElectricLand and later, Top Gun Shooting. Now, she had all this room. She said, "The place was sitting empty and people were complaining that there's no mid-priced clothing in town. It just kind of happened." They changed the name and today, Montana Cow Pies Bakery and Dry Goods offer clothing, shoes, coffee house style drinks, and ice cream as well as the cow pies. She said, "I would rather benefit by helping the community instead of benefitting by being selfish." She plans on possibly expanding even more in the future.

Montana Cow Pies Bakery and Dry Goods can be found at Village Square Mall, 120 E. Main St, Sidney, MT. Their hours are Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sat. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Check them out on Facebook for store specials and sales.


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