Cindy's Girls..... Jen's Girls..... Sidney's Girls

"What's in the water in the Sidney area?" A statement I have heard from many non-Sidney residents, when they are baffled by so many pageant winners located in one community.

Sophie Steinbeisser, Sheridan Pope, Jacqueline Irigoin, Jalyssa Gorder, Cammy Heck, Brielle Gorder, Emma McPherson, MaKayla Sparks, McKenna Sparks, Liliana Johnson, Lily Jones, Brynlee McNally, and our newest member Eden McPherson have all held Montana crowns within the last 25 years.

Many other girls have competed and earned scholarship money: Jennifer Nielson Carlile, Hannah Nielson Dooley, Jennifer Steinbeisser, and Jessica Romo.

All of these young ladies and women have something in common: They are all from the Sidney area, and they have all been taught dance by Cindy Nielson Linde or Jennifer Nielson Carlile.

And that's not their only connection...... Cindy Nielson Linde put on the Miss America Outstanding Teen Pageant, for Montana, right here at the Sidney Middle School auditorium from 2002-2005 (when it joined the Miss Montana Pageant in Glendive).

"At the time there was no Miss America Outstanding Teen pageant for Montana. I was asked by the Miss Montana board to start one, so I did. I felt the teens of Montana would appreciate the opportunity," said Linde. She said the Sidney community was very receptive, excited, and supportive.

When asked what her favorite part of the experience was, Linde said, "I think it would be difficult to pick a favorite. All the aspects of the pageant were so fun and rewarding. From the opening number to the final crowning. But if I had to pick it would be meeting and working with all the contestants."

When asked about the benefits that dance and pageants can have in young people's lives she said, "There are many benefits...from scholarships to the numerous personal accomplishments and everything in between."

Thank you Cindy, Jennifer, and the Sidney City water.


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