Montana FWP & Partners Create Videos On Recreating Safely, Ethically On Rivers

Part of broader outdoor ethics effort - #MontanaMindset

Helena - Ever get in a traffic jam at a boat ramp? How about arriving at a boat campsite after a long float and discovering trash left behind by the previous campers?

Many of us river recreators, both resident and nonresident, have experienced behaviors we wished we hadn’t. With this in mind, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, along with several conservation partners, created a series of videos demonstrating mindful behaviors while recreating on Montana’s rivers.

Partners for the river recreation videos include the Flathead National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, Flathead Rivers Alliance, the River Management Society and Montana PBS.

These videos are the first step of a larger more inclusive effort to encourage better behavior while recreating on all Montana public lands. The effort is called Montana Mindset.

Montana Mindset messaging will address outdoor recreation ethics and etiquette with the intention of providing a better outdoor experience for everyone. It will also address public safety and environmental impacts on outdoor landscapes.

“With more people appreciating Montana’s outdoor opportunities, we all need to do our part to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone,” said FWP Director Dustin Temple. “Montana Mindset will provide tips and examples of sharing the resource sensibly.”

In addition to encouraging a Montana Mindset while recreating, FWP will share messaging on the “how-tos” of participating in outdoor activities for those who are looking to expand their adventures.

Outdoor recreationists can look for Montana Mindset information throughout the year on the FWP website and social media channels, as well as those of our partners.


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