Remodeling Journey Started With A Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink.......Shari Leland's remodeling journey all started because she wanted a farm sink and one step led to another!

She lives in a 100-year-old home and wanted a new kitchen that looked old but still had all of the modern conveniences. Shari loves antiques and knew what she wanted but after searching by herself, she knew she needed help, so she went to Brenda Larson, Creative Solutions, Sidney. 'I found exactly what I wanted for the cabinets and tops!" Shari chose Craftsman style, quarter-sawn oak cabinets made by Dua Supreme and stained in s traditional mission-colored stain. "The cabinets blend perfectly with all of her lovely antique furniture and look like they belong in her vintage home," Brenda said. "Once I found the cabinets I wanted, Brenda, Creative Solutions, helped me put the project together and get the show on the road! Shari stated.

Shari also chose Cambria quartz countertops for its durability, functionality as well as elegance. "The quartz she chose, really brightens the kitchen" stated Larson. "It blends nicely with the deep, rich tone of the cabinetry and floor and is accented perfectly by the mottled gray wall tile, bright white sink as stainless steel appliances .: "I found the tile and plank flooring at Ace Hardware, Williston, and the appliances at Ekblad's. I really appreciated their customer service and large selection of products," Shari mentioned.

"Quality materials are important to any well-done job, but professional carpentry skills are even more important and Kevin Brost, Brost Construction, rose to the occasion," Brenda said. "Older homes typically have uneven floors and walls, but Kevin did exceptional work on this project!" Shari stated, "Kevin did a fantastic job on the flooring, cabinet installation and tiling!" Other professionals that contributed to the success of this kitchen remodel were Chris Gurney, Gurney Electric, and Dustin Mitchell, D&L Plumbing Supply. MacGrady Construction also installed new flooring on her steps, which was purchased at B Home and Design.

"I just love working on older homes!," exclaimed Larson. Shari worked very hard to maintain the integrity of this beautiful piece of history. With the exception of the modern appliances, one would think this kitchen was original to the home." Also, making this project even more unique, is the fact that Shari made her selections and then went south for the winter. She hasn't even seen it yet, except through pictures and videos! "I just love it all!" exclaimed Shari. "I really appreciate all of the good work every one did and am excited to get home and see my beautiful kitchen!" Not only did she get an updated and beautiful kitchen, but she will also get to enjoy her sparkling white vintage farm sink!


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