Community Power Hour Focused On Recovery In Richland County

Kayla Anderson and Brandi DeTienne of Prairie Hills Recovery spoke on substance use and what substance use and recovery looks like in Richland County during the Community Power Hour Oct. 17 at the Richland County Extension Office.

Kali Godfrey, Sidney Chamber director, was able to ask the questions gathered from community members and chamber staff. Anderson is the owner of Prairie Hills Recovery. She opened its doors in 2016. DeTienne works for Anderson and has experience in the recovery community. They both answered questions about what drugs are causing the most problems in our area, what recovery looks like and what barriers can rise up in their journey; how does one support a person who is recovering from substance abuse; how can our community integrate successful recovery into our society; does the legalization of cannabis have any effect on the drug use in the area, and what is the solution to the nationwide drug use problem. Individually, Anderson answered questions like outside of the housing authority what resources are available to people locally; what does Prairie Hills Recovery Center provide. DeTienne answered questions individually on what her pathway to recovery was and when she is done with her college courses what services she will be able to provide. Both of them answered a question an attendee asked about if they expected an increased need for their services in the future because of the legalization of marijuana and what they would do if they had grant money. Both presenters resonated on stigma being a major barrier to healthy recovery in Richland County. Anderson cited that it's easier to come to work hung over than it is to decline drinking after work with your colleagues.

According to an email sent out by the Sidney Chamber, "In Richland County, 26% of adults report binge or heavy drinking. This is 2% higher than Montana and 7% than the United States. There has been a 100% increase in meth violations from 2014 to 2018 in Montana.

Montana has 89 Opioid prescriptions for every 100 residents." "Kayla and Brandi are on the front line for addiction recovery."


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