Extra Mile Day Is Set For Nov. 1

Rick Norby, Sidney mayor, made a proclamation during the city council meeting Monday, Oct. 16. Extra Mile Day is Nov. 1, 2023.

He gets an email every year asking for Sidney to join in the pledge from the Extra Mile America Foundation. Six or seven years ago, Mayor Norby decided to do it and Sidney has been joining in every year since. According to extramileamerica.org, "Extra Mile Day celebrates the capacity we each have to create positive change in families, organizations, communities, and ourselves when we 'go the extra mile'. It's a day to clap for individuals and organizations who are 'going the extra mile' in volunteerism and service to make the world a bit better for the rest of us." As of Oct. 19, 470 cities have joined in the proclamation, but the number is still growing. In 2022, a total of 512 made the announcement.

On extramileamerica.org they also said, "Going the extra mile is doing more than normal...more than expected. It is how change is created in ourselves, our organizations, and our communities. Going the extra mile is extending ourselves in our service, attitude, and efforts." There are many places to volunteer around town. Businesses, clubs, nonprofits, churches, schools, boards, counsels, and groups across the county run with anywhere from a fraction to all of their staff being volunteers. There is no central base for all of the volunteer opportunities in Sidney, but there is a program at the Richland County Health Department that can help those who are looking for service opportunities. Jessica Gilbert, Volunteers in Action program director, helps people with that. Volunteers in Action is a volunteer placement program that focuses on the needs of the community. The office in Sidney services five counties in northeastern Montana: Richland, McCone, Sheridan, Daniels, and Roosevelt. As of Oct. 17, they had 711 active volunteers over their entire service area.

Mayor Norby said, "So many people volunteer in this town to make all the things work." Director Gilbert said, "Volunteers are the heart of the community. Without the volunteer there is no community". In the proclamation hundreds of mayors have read across the nation it urges each individual in the community to take time on Nov. 1 to not only "go the extra mile" in his or her own life, but to also acknowledge all those who are inspirational in their efforts and commitment to make their organizations, families, community, country, or world a better place.


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