Alexander High School Competing in Drone Racing

Have you ever heard of drone racing as a school sport?

This is Alexander School's second year with a drone racing team.

"Drone racing is an exciting way for students to interact with others in a gaming aspect while still gaining valuable skills like critical thinking, communication, and creativity. Time management, scheduling, and commitment are also skills gained in the program," said coach Cathy White. "We practice 2-3 times a week, and then race other teams from across the state virtually through the racing platform VELOCIDRONE.

The students competing in the race use a drone controller to race their drone virtually in the simulator.

Currently, I have five students on the team, and we only have four drones, so we do have to share controllers and the actual drones. I am hoping to gain a couple of sponsors so we can increase our collection to cover the other students interested in the spring season as well."

Last year, Alexander brought home the FPV (First Person View) state championship! They also brought home the second and third place simulator teams! All of last year's team were in the top 10 racers at state.

Alexander is enjoying their fall season, which began Oct. 1 and wraps up Dec. 1. Their spring schedule hasn't been announced, but it will probably be in April and May and will follow with the State Drone Championship Tournament.


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