Ed Walker, Conservative Candidate For Congress, Visited Sidney


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On Tuesday Nov. 14, an unfamiliar face was walking the streets of Sidney, stopping into businesses and the papers to introduce himself and make himself known. It is anticipated that Matt Rosendale will run for senate in 2024, but has not yet announced his intentions, and Ed Walker is campaigning for his seat at Congress.

Ed or Eddie Walker is a small business owner from Billings. His family has roots as natural resource entrepreneurs dating back to the late 1800s. According to his website, vote.walkerformontana.com, Walker is a small business owner who worked in the energy industry. In 2010, Walker was elected to the Montana State Senate and served in Helena for four years, but now he is aiming for Washington, D.C.

According to a flyer distributed by Walker, he wants to be a conservative fighter when it comes to tough issues like border security, responsible energy development, and out-of-control federal spending. He also wants to end the era of the career politicians who have spent the nation $33 trillion into debt and the crisis on our southern border. He feels that Joe Biden’s energy policy has been a total failure. He continued to paralyze U.S. energy production by shutting down pipelines and canceling oil and gas leases across America. He believes we must support our oil and gas economy, and we do that by investing in our infrastructure, creating good paying jobs producing safe, clean, and affordable American energy. Walker also believes we must get our national debt under control. He feels we need a balanced budget amendment and prioritize lowering our $33 trillion national debt. He feels we need to secure our borders using the full resources of the federal government because fentanyl seizures have skyrocketed, almost 6 million people have illegally entered our country since Biden took office, and the threat of terrorists entering our country through our porous borders is real.

Walker says in his brochure that he has always been an advocate for what he knows is right. He is running for Congress because he wants to be the conservative fighter Montana deserves.


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