Governor Gianforte Welcomes Brixtel Defense To Montana

Glendive – Governor Greg Gianforte, on Jan. 10, welcomed Brixtel Defense to Montana, celebrating the global defense company's $125 million investment in Dawson County.

"Montana is proudly home to over 150 innovative firearms and ammunitions businesses, the highest per capita in the country," Gov. Gianforte said. "We're thrilled to welcome Brixtel Defense to Big Sky Country, and appreciate the ammunition leader's investment in our state and people."

Brixtel Defense manufactures munitions and propellants for the U.S. Armed Forces and its allies. Through its new ammunition manufacturing facility in Glendive, the company is projected to create over 350 good-paying Montana jobs by 2028.

"In an era where outsourcing is commonplace, we choose to invest in the heart of our nation. We are proud to announce $125 million investment in Montana," said Andy Mansoor, Brixtel Defense CEO.

He continued, "This expansion is a testament to our belief in the American workforce, the American dream, and the fundamental values upon which this great country was built. As we embark on this journey in Glendive, we are reminded of our purpose. Together, we build more than ammunition; we forge the future of freedom."

To integrate local expertise into its operations and foster relationships within the state, Mansoor announced that Brixtel Defense is partnering with Alpha Loading Systems, an ammunitions manufacturer that recently expanded in Stevensville.

To support Montana's firearms and ammunitions businesses, Gov. Gianforte this spring protected Montanans' retirement security from Environmental, Social, and Governance investing and Montana's firearms industry from discrimination.

In his first year in office, the governor made Montana a constitutional carry state and prohibited the enforcement of any federal law, executive order, rule, or regulation that infringes upon ownership, possession, transfer, or use of any firearm, magazine, or firearm accessory in Montana.


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