2023 NDSU Corn Hybrid Variety Trial Results Now Available

The 2023 North Dakota State University Variety Trial Results and Selection Guide for Corn (A793) is now available online and in print. The guide can be accessed online at ndsu.ag/cornvt23.

“The corn hybrid guide is a good source of information for farmers and agronomists looking for variety performance data from around the state,” says Clair Keene, NDSU Extension small grains and corn agronomist. “We appreciate our industry partners who participate in these trials and make this work possible.”

Printed copies are available through your NDSU Extension county office or nearest NDSU Research Extension Center (REC).

“Like North Dakota farmers, we had high variability in the yields of our 2023 corn trials,” says Keene. “We had a trial average of 244 bushels per acre at our Lisbon site in Ransom County, but only 171 bushels at the Abercrombie site in Richland County, both in our southern testing zone. We had some locations that struggled with dry conditions but others that did quite well.”

Keene adds, “Another factor to keep in mind when comparing corn hybrids is moisture at harvest. Because drying down wet corn can considerably add to your cost of production, it’s important to look for varieties that mature reliably in your area in addition to having high yield. When comparing two or more varieties of interest, be sure to take a look at the moisture at harvest as a hybrid that dries down more quickly may offer a savings in terms of drying cost.”


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