Dr. Frayne Olson to Provide Market Outlook For 2024

Dr. Frayne Olson will share his expertise on grain markets, soybeans, and corn at 2 p.m. CST on Thursday, Feb. 1 at the National Hard Spring Wheat Show, Williston.

Olson explained that with all the volatility in the markets, he will first give attendees an update on the current market including what traders and analysts are saying. Although he said that it's a guessing game to a certain extent, he will explain what he and others are focusing on as market predictors.

He will then share what he sees coming in the near future. There may be some shock value to what he shares, which could cause people to look at the market differently. "I can't predict the future," Olson said. "What I can do is provide a time line of events, and advice on whether to store or sell."

Olson said that he will also try to filter through some of what is almost an overload of available information, and encourage attendees to choose what's important rather than what may be simply interesting. "I will try to show them how to focus on what they need to be focused on," he stated.

Olson's presentation will focus on spring wheat markets but he said he will also spill over into soybeans and corn as well as durum. He will welcome questions throughout his presentation.

Dr. Olson is the North Dakota State University Extension, Director of the Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives Crop Economist/Marketing Specialist and is an NDSU professor in the Agribusiness and Applied Economics Department. Olson conducts educational programs focusing on crop market outlook and price analysis, evaluating alternative crop marketing strategies and the economics of crop contracting. As Center for Cooperatives director, he teaches a senior level course on cooperative business management and coordinates the center's research and outreach activities. He received his PhD from the University of Missouri in agricultural economics, and his M.S. and B.S. in agricultural economics from North Dakota State University.


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