Jack & Juice, Fast-Growing Health Business Boost To Williston

Valerie Valentino had an idea to start a cold-pressed juice business in 2023, which quickly exploded into the healthy and delicious addition to Williston in eight months.

Valentino came to Williston from Minot with her husband just before 2020. Valentino loved helping people with their health and wanted to do something that supported her passion. With her home kitchen and a $5,000 credit card, Valentino decided to cold-press some fresh and healthy juices and try to sell them.

She expected to sell 100 drinks and enlisted the help of her husband J.W. Sheering, who was on a day off from his oil field job, to make deliveries.

By the end of the day they had sold 250 drinks. She was ecstatic about her success. Her husband was excited for her, as well. He loved helping her out and wanted to continue doing it with her. He had come home from the oil field after not having any time with the kids and said, "I'm not supposed to be doing this. God has a better purpose for me." He quit his job to join her and grow the business. After two or three weeks of delivering out of their home, the two business owners attempted to try wholesaling but quickly discovered since their juice is unpasteurized it would be illegal.

They looked around for q place outside their home to make and sell the juice and the owners of 360 Nutrition came to Valentino and offered to have her sell her juices out of their business. They moved Jack & Juice into 360 Nutrition in June 2023 but the business kept growing. They finally found a place in downtown Williston and moved into it in January 2024.

Jack & Juice started with cold-pressed juice but has moved on to smoothies and smoothie bowls. The owners attribute their successes to God's blessing. They sell insulated bags with Bible verses printed on them and some Christian themed clothing and want to expand that part of their business as well.

Valentino said, "We want God in our business." Jack & Juice is located at 313 Main St., Williston. They are open Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Their menus are posted on the Jack & Juice Facebook page as well as on Instagram.


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