Ranger Bantams – Putting in the Work

Ever wonder what is going on in a hockey player's' head when they step on to the ice? Is it the smell of freshly jammed ice, is it the fans in the stands, is it the work they put in to get to this moment? Whatever it is that they think many players have been here before them and many will be here after them putting in the work. Well, let me tell you, your Richland Bantams have been putting in the work and it shows.

The Rangers met up with Mandan Mayhem on Sunday, Feb. 11 for their 11th league game of the season. The Bantams worked hard both offensively and defensively proving they have what it takes. In the end that hard work paid off giving your Bantams a winning score of 7-4 over Mandan and giving the Ranger Bantams their 11th straight league win!

Adding points to their season standings were Korbyn Johnston, Cooper Thiel, Jake Schlothauer, Avery Schantz, Chloe Harmon, and Brody Verhasselt. Goalie, Paxton Berry saved an incredible 45 shots this past weekend against Mandan.

Next up for your Ranger Bantams, they will travel to North Dakota to face the Williston Flyers on Saturday, Feb. 17 for a game at the Agri Complex at 1:45 p.m. (MST). Then, return to home ice on Sunday, Feb. 18 at 8:30 a.m. to face off against Bismarck Red.

If you have not made it down to the Richland Ranger Hockey arena to see some incredible hockey do not wait any longer. There are just two weekends of home games left as the Ranger hockey season is winding down.


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