Local Government Review On Richland County Primary Ballot

In accordance with the constitution of the State of Montana, local governing bodies in Richland County have voted to place the question of conducting a local government review and establishing a study commission to do so, on the primary ballot June 4, 2024.

Section 9, Article XI of the Constitution of the State of Montana requires that each unit of local government shall conduct an election once every ten years to determine whether the local government will undertake a local government review procedure.

The City of Sidney passed resolution #3928 asking voters to vote for or against the review of the government of Sidney and the establishment and funding not to exceed $31,000, of a local government study commission consisting of three members to examine the government of the City of Sidney and submit recommendations on the government. The town of Fairview passed a similar resolution with a dollar amount not to exceed $1500 and Richland County passed resolution #2024-04 with dollars not to exceed $120,258.

All registered voters will vote for Richland County. Sidney residents will also vote for Sidney; Fairview voters will also vote for Fairview.

Should voters choose a government review of their local entity, a study commission comprised of three members would be elected in the general election to conduct the review. The dollar amounts each entity chose would be paid for with an additional tax.

The review would not be an investigation into any potential wrongdoing by the entities but rather a review of the makeup of each one.


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