Homestead Subdivision Welcoming Buyers

The Homestead subdivision, owned by MPEG Land Development, LLC, consists of approximately 26 acres just north of the Justice Center in Sidney. Currently zoned for B2 Neighborhood Business, co-owner Don Sterhan explained that the original plan for the subdivision was family housing. However, the company feels needs have changed and are now pursuing more commercial plans and options on what they consider to be a great location.

He said infrastructure is mostly in place and lots are for sale. The company is offering multiple choices for buyers including build-to-suit and lease back, or providing financing, depending on the buyer. Sterhan said the development is a nice asset and has great value for the growth and development of Sidney. "Hopefully we find buyers that fit into that growth trend," he said.

Sidney Public Works director Jeff Hintz said the county did a land swap with MPEG within the past year where the county gained some acreage north of the Justice Center and MPEG acquired some highway frontage property. According to Sterhan, 1.3 acres along Holly St. have been sold to Ag West, formerly Farm Credit Services.

Buyers interested in this prime real estate are encouraged to call Don Sterhan at 406-254-1677.


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