Public Hearings Set On Proposed Changes To City Of Sidney Zoning Code, April 17 & May 6

The City of Sidney will hold public hearings on proposed zoning code changes at the Zoning Board meeting on April 17 at 8 a.m. and at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, May 6 at the City Council meeting, both at City Hall.

According to City Planner Forest Sanderson, the changes being proposed are a result of changes made in the 2023 legislature as well as requests from land developers.

The changes primarily affect B2 Zoning which Sanderson said is too restrictive in its current form. It limits land developers and can cause issues with neighboring homeowners. The proposed changes would add more flexibility.

B2 Zoning states “the purpose and intent of the B2 Zoning District is to provide for such retail and service activities that are frequented by nearby residents on a day-to-day basis, while reducing the hazards of local traffic by limiting the kinds of retail activities to those which deal directly with consumers and produce-only goods that are sold on premises including restaurants.” Allowed uses include day cares, restaurants, grocery stores, barber and beauty shops, worship facilities, government buildings and facilities, among others. The zoning changes would expand allowed and conditional uses in a B2 Zone and allow residential districts in all commercial districts.

Other changes to current zoning code would include parking requirements for residential units, eliminate off street parking in CBD, allow day care homes in all residential zoning districts R-1 through C-2, allow day care centers only in commercial zoning districts, delete all references to Xeriscape(ing), and state that provisions must be made for Data Mining centers as permitted in M-1.


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