Fairview Recognizes Young Authors

Parents, students and staff members in Fairview got a rare opportunity last week when they met an impressive group of published authors.

First-grade students gained author recognized when their class developed a book through Student Treasures Publishing. The endeavor featured each student writing a page about their "life advice" and also make an accompanying illustration.

"There was a lot of different life advice from first graders," teacher Rylie Olson said.

Time was set aside on Wednesday morning for an assembly to let everyone in the school talk with the first-grade students and enjoy their work.

Some nuggets of information from the young authors included:

"My life advice is no running in the hallways because you might get hurt and you might bump into someone. You could bonk your head."

"My life advice is that everybody should take care of dogs and cats because they need an owner. Having a pet is important because you have to take care of them."

"My advice is to have ice cream because when it is always hot it makes me cool down. It is important to feed your dog and walk with it. Hug your parents."

"My life advice is taking turns because it is nice. Don't put stuff in your mouth that isn't food because you might choke and it might be poison."

Olson said, "They worked really hard on it. They got to show their creativity. It was awesome."

Students work on the project for about two or three weeks during March.

This is teacher Kayla Scebenski's fifth year supervising the project in Fairview after also doing it for three years in Sidney.

"It's a cool keepsake," Scebenski said. "Being a published author and illustrator is pretty cool when you're 7 years old."


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