Hintz Fixer Upper Project

Sidney has its very own Joanna Gaines (Magnolia Network) in town with Cathy Hintz and her family. This family heard from their local neighbors that there was a home going up for auction. The neighborhood was in the hope someone would buy it in order to make some improvements on the eyesore.

Cathy and her husband, Jeff, bought the house with the intent to flip the home. Adding their own experience to updating their own home, they were excited about the project. Cyrus, their son, took on 90% of the work since both his parents worked full-time jobs. He also oversaw everything that was done to the fixer upper.

However, it was not an easy project for any time you get a fixer upper. First thing you have to do is a major cleaning and clearing everything out, such as appliances. When they went to redo the floor plan, there was some issue the family ran into.

They had to re-do the plumbing and electrical as well. Not to mention replacing the roofing and siding; Updating the cabinets and counters; Redoing all the fixtures of the home. There were even cracks in the foundations. As well as removing some trees that were dead or too close to the home, which would be a hazard in a heavy storm,

Cathy and her family put in their best effort to ensure that the home was like a new build and completed it correctly. Although they couldn't have done it all by themselves. They have some advice from Tony Hanson, Hanson Independent; Mitch Shirk; M&S Builders; and Roger Byer; B & B Builders. For getting the right improvements to their fixer upper, they enjoyed doing business with Builders FirstSource, Rimrock Cabinet Co., Sidney Paint & Glass, Johnson's Hardware, Ace Hardware, Ken's Heating, Prairie Electric and C M Built doors.

Cathy's advice to anyone who wants to do home improvements, whether it be to their own home or buying a fixer upper, she said, "If someone is looking to remodel, I would encourage them to do as much of the work as they can themselves as it gets expensive to hire work done. I would also suggest they keep close track of their spending and try to watch for deals on paint, flooring etc. If you can anticipate what you need and watch for deals, it really helps."


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