Open House For Nutter/Herrick

After nearly thirty-six years of service to the Peoples’ Congregational Church and to other churches that required her services as substitute organist, Ginny Nutter/Herrick will retire from her position as church organist.

Nutter/Herrick has greatly enjoyed her tenure as organist with the Peoples’ Congregational Church. She began there as a substitute organist but the position evolved to full time. “I love it,” she says of her work. “It keeps my faith current because it makes me go to church every Sunday, it keeps me in practice with the organ and it keeps my skills up to date. Playing the organ is a skill, and like any other skill, if you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Her work provided a much needed service to the community, as duties included not only playing the organ at Sunday church services, but also included playing for weddings, funerals, and at other churches as a substitute organist. “It’s been a pleasure to fill this niche,” Nutter/Herrick remarks. “Organists are few and far between, so it was good to be able to provide this service to families at weddings and funerals, and to substitute for other church organists.”

She continues, “I appreciate the close cooperation among the Sidney churches and that as organist I’ve played at most of the churches in the community when needed. I also appreciate working with as many ministers in town as I have.”

Nutter/Herrick will move to Billings with her husband for retirement. “It’s been a wonderful journey here in Sidney but it is time to continue this journey and try something new,” she concludes. “We’re moving to Billings as we feel it will be a good fit for us.”

The Peoples’ Congregational Church will host an open house for Nutter/Herrick on Sunday from noon - 1:30 p.m., June 17 at the church. All friends and well-wishers are invited to attend.


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