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Tree Orders-The Richland County Conservation District is currently taking orders for conservation tree seedlings. A wide variety of trees are available at minimal cost for conservation plantings of windbreaks, shelterbelts or wildlife plantings. The Conservation District provides the service of planting trees in windbreaks, with the use of our tree planter. Ground needs to be properly prepared in order to use the tree planter. Only bare root conservation grade trees can be planted with the district planter for a nominal fee. The Conservation District tree planter is intended for shelterbelts and windbreaks, not landscaping projects. We also sell weed barrier fabric and have the machine to install the barrier fabric. If you are planning to add a windbreak or shelter belt, the conservation district is available to assist you in your planning and purchasing of seedlings. The tree order form is available online at department tab-conservation district forms.

Cost Share Program-The Conservation District cost share program is beginning its third year. To date we have helped install over $250,000 of conservation practices. Participants are limited to $5,000 of cost share funds on projects that promote conservation. Projects implemented in the past include: Stockwater wells and tanks, stockwater pipelines, storage tanks, tree plantings, grass seeding, fencing and gated pipe. Applications are available at the conservation district office or from and on the county website at departments-conservation district forms . Deadline for the 2013 Cost share program is February 28, 2013. Contracts will be awarded by March 15th and projects must be completed by December 31, 2013.

Land Ownership Maps- Land ownership map booklets are available for purchase at the Conservation District office 2745 West Holly ST. Maps are available in wall size, 8 ½ x 11 and 5x7.

Weather Stations- Some changes have occurred at the weather station sites on the web site. Look for the weather stations at the Conservation District under the Department tab. The changes were a result of issues uploading to the website. The information for each site is still available utilizing the software. We are no longer able to show all of the sites on the same page.

If you are interested in any of these programs or items, please contact the Conservation District at 433-2103 x101 or visit with us at the USDA Farm Service Center – Conservation District Office 2745 West Holly ST, Sidney, MT 59270.


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