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Healthworks Closed Till Further Notice


Healthworks will be closed until further notice due to a sewer line break. Some of the damaged flooring has already been ripped up.

Following a sewer line break, Healthworks fitness center in Sidney will be closed until further notice. Although there was not much damage to many machines or equipment, repairs to the sewer line will need to be made before they can reopen.

Waste water tanks are positioned in front of Healthworks with a hose that is pumping water out of the building.

As far as the fitness center goes, most of the big equipment is all steel and just needs to be sanitized. The main damage is the track and flooring, which will need to be replaced. Most of the work that will need to be done is in the office upstairs with dry wall, carpet, desk and cabinets needing cleaned or replaced. None of the electric cardio equipment was hit.

Manager Scott Doty stated that everything is “still day to day.”

All the construction repairs will be handled by the hospital as it’s mainly all facility issues. The location of the break will require a reroute, which will delay the reopening of Healthworks. There is really no time frame on when they will re-open, as Doty stated, “I wish I knew”.

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