Open House for Recipients of the Presidents Award

All of Richland County Welcome on November 12, 2013 from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM in the Community Services Building, Conference Rooms.

The Richland County Health Department nominated our Commissioners for years of support and dedication to the health and safety of our community. They are an intricate part of Public Health policy development. As members of the Board of Health they are responsive to the needs of the community.

The Richland County Strategic Plan Steering Committee supported the nomination by saying:

"We are pleased to nominate the Richland County Commissioners for the MPHA (Montana Public Health Association) Presidents' Award. The Richland County Strategic Plan Steering Committee works to ensure that the issues facing Richland County are identified and that there are multi-faceted action groups addressing the issues. The process is community driven and is supported both time and financially by the County Commissioners. They understand that involving the community in identifying and solving challenges in Richland County is the best way to lead in these ever changing times. The commissioners understand and appreciate the community building process as a way to manage an efficient and transparent county government.

The county commissioners are also willing to share information and share resources with counties in the region. Moreover, they have shown leadership statewide by being innovative in their approach to Quality of Life and Public Health issues. The strategic planning process has been in place for the last six years and its integration with the county growth policy has been innovative. The framework that has been laid in Richland County can be duplicated in counties across Montana.

We feel that the work of the Richland County Commissioners and their support of the community building process is worthy of the MPHA Presidents' Award. We highly recommend them for this honor.


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